Thursday, December 18, 2008

Virtual Box 2.10, Virtual Host Adapter Gone in Windows

So I installed Virtual Box 2.10 in Windows XP and suddenly the host adapter is gone, like it never even existed. This really foils my instructions.

Now, though, I can use any network adapter as a host adapter.

So what's a boy to do? First, set up a Microsoft Loopback Adapter. Then follow my instructions but everywherre that it says "host networking interface on the host computer" replace that with the Loopback Adapter. It works!

So now I am communicating between on the host loopback and on the guest. Nice, although I'm not happy that Sun changed this without telling me. Or maybe they did somewhere, but I looked at the docs and couldn't find anything.

Edit: After a long an unhappy session at a cafe with WiFi, I realized that it's not okay to just make up addresses that a real router might be using. Finally I've settled on and (guest). Now I'll configure my Ubuntu in a VirtualBox...

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