Monday, July 6, 2009

Unix Screen Command

So I didn't know about this screen thing for *nix, but it's probably been around for 20 years (since 1987, in fact). Awesome stuff, anyway, as GIT Magic says

Yet another example is the screen utility. This gem lets you create, destroy and switch between multiple terminal sessions in the same terminal...

Here are my instructions for Ubuntu.
  1. Install screen (apt-get install screen)
  2. Run screen
  3. Here are the first commands you'll need:
    • Control-A c (creates a new window)
    • Control-A " (that's a quote, shows the Window list and allows you to switch)
    • Control-A ? (invoke help, though it didn't help me)
    • Control-A # (where # is the window you want to switch to)
    • type exit in any of the windows to close it.
Note for OSX: It's already installed by default (you see stuff like this and you realize that Steve Jobs can't be doing all this correct stuff himself).

This is the best thing I've learned since Ciro showed me Midnight Commander.

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zzang said...

great post
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