Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My System: Workflowy for GTD

I can no longer fight it. I use Workflowy for everything. Using an external app for my todo list is just silly (though Wunderlist is awesome). So... here it is:

Never have a task list. Use tags and build out your world wherever you are.
  • Every Node is #project or #task or maybe a #superproject
    • Everything else is somewhere above, below, or in-between. So most of your Workflowy tree is not seen in the searches below
    • In GTD talk, a project is a series of actions needed to produce an outcome
    • In GTD talk, a task is something you can do...
      • Ramble:
        • This could contain other subtasks
        • But these are the things that a project is going to use to represent itself on the big todo list
  • Statuses
    • #next
      Last step before Complete
    • #waiting
      Waiting for an external event or person
    • #reminder
      In some external system like Reminders
  • Priorities get set by number of asterisks, consecutively, so highest is *****
  • Notes
    • Searches
      All the searches (vary the number of asterisks by deleting with backspace)
      • #task #next *****
      • #task #reminder *****
        Tasks in a reminder system elsewhere
      • #task #waiting *****
      • #task -#waiting -#next -#reminder ******
        Non-queued tasks for moving to Next or Later
      • #project *****
    • This way stuff goes from next to completed

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