Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Embed Images and iFrames in Workflowy

The Workflowy Embed JavaScript, a Modification (WorkflowyPlus Refac)

I finally got around to modifying a script that I've been using for Workflowy to embed images and iframes.

Mine has three basic differences:
  1. No more markdown tags. The tags are now image: or iframe:, e.g., image:
  2. There's a Show (and Hide) button to toggle the image or iframe's visibility 
  3. The images and iframes start as hidden by default, which is less disruptive of WF's normal behavior. 
 I'm loving it, but developers do tend to get addicted to things they make (or even modify). Enjoy!

The Workflowy Embed JavaScript in Pictures

The Script in Action

The Workflowy Embed JavaScript for Use in Tampermonkey

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