Saturday, February 23, 2008

PHP and SEO Problems

Why do I hate languages like PHP? Why do I hate open source (while I use it all the time)?

It's really an SEO problem, and has to do with the "community." I just wanted to know three things about PHP to get my Joomla 1.5 on (why do I think that Joomla is going to a be another nightmare of the same type?):

  1. How to get the version information of a PHP engine (like from a hosting account at GoDaddy)
  2. How to figure out the active extensions loaded in PHP
  3. How to restart PHP running on IIS
Now, for the last problem there's no comparison with .Net, but let's try the queries for the first one for PHP and then for ASP.NET.

php version information - brings up a bunch of irrelevant stuff to the problem (and to any problem, if you think about it) version information - the first answer up is the one we're looking for. How? Because people look at and link to the answers to basic questions. With PHP I think they all just "know."

Anyway, after much fussing about and googling and regoogling, here is the file I ended up with

Loaded Extensions
SAT prep you can rewind

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