Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Gmail on IMap

Think about it. Gmail's interface is really annoying. You might really like AJAX and be a big Google fan, but let's be honest: Gmail is annoying. And I use Gmail for all of my email, even though all the addresses are at other domains (and I even use Google's free hosting for most of my email). I barely noticed when Google added IMap support for Gmail: I had tried IMap before and found it to be annoying and confusing. And if you want to store your mail locally, it is. I do not want to store my mail locally, or at least not really. I just want to be able to use Thunderbird for my email, and manipulate it on Gmail. Now I can do everything including hitting the "archive" button... it took a while but I finally figured it out.

If anybody should ever read this blog and wants to know about using Gmail with Thunderbird (beyond the instructions given by Google), let me know. It does everything... oh, yeah, if your Gmail account is set up to send from multiple accounts, you can do that with SMTP too. Basically, now I can use Gmail without Gmail. Perfect. Gmail and Thunderbird. Sorry, I've doing a lot of SEO. Gmail and Thunderbird. Working with Gmail and Thunderbird.

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