Friday, February 15, 2008

Two Little Programs

Well I'm super busy SEOing (and kind of leaning towards good, targeted Google Adwords campaigns recently) but on a quick note, here are my two favorite programs for the day:

Multiple IE by TredoSoft - wow, I've always wondered how to do this on Windows. This is the answer. It actually includes several older versions of IE so you can test your stuff for real. (This came up because of my frustration with Google's Javascript which was producing errors in IE. Check my post on why you shouldn't feel bad if you never won a Codejam).

TabMix Plus - without this program, Firefox is just a browser. TabMix Plus does everything that you want Firefox to do. Oh, yeah, but you have to configure it as you like it. But TabMix Plus is the best plug in for firefox by far. Oh, and some web developer one that I'm sure you already know about.

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