Thursday, April 10, 2008

DotNetNuke Precompilation, Virtual Directories with DNN, and Free Uptime Monitoring

  1. I am now an expert in DotNetNuke precompilation (talking about version 4.08.x and probably 4.x). Short version: do NOT do it. It's wrong. You can make it work but you should not. Here's where I find this out
  2. XP Pro IIS Admin from is the way to get more than one site on IIS on Windows XP Professional. Virtual directories are not supported in Umbraco, and in DNN... basically, they're not either.
  3. Check out for free uptime monitoring. This will keep an ASP.NET app in service. Looks GREAT (haven't tried it yet... will muck up your analytics statistics, though, until you figure out how to filter it).


pallu said...

for #3, DNN has a KeepAlive.aspx. So simply point Montastic to http:///KeepAlive.aspx.
This page will not muck up the statistics.

Dan Rosenstark said...

Thanks @pallu. I remember that now, though I haven't touched DNN in about two years :)