Tuesday, August 4, 2009

VirtualBox Guest Additions on OpenSuse 11.1 and Rambling on Mono (on OSX)

OpenSuse 11.1 and VirtualBox Guest Additions: Seems the additions work in a VERY limited fashion (only 1024x768 support) and OpenSuse is annoying.

But anyway, here's the link


This is all you need to get going, although I'd recommend you look for a different distro for use in VirtualBox. Sometime in these weeks I'll be checking out Ubuntu 9... All of this to work around OSX/Mono problems. And I do have problems. See here


It's amazing. One of the principal (or the principal) dude from the Mono project actually answered me and he says, "worked for me, you have path problems."

Mono is amazing, but the forums are total crap, with many many good and legitimate questions going unanswered.  Very mixed bag.

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